24 March 2012


I'm going to have a break from blogging. I need to contemplate why I'm blogging? for whom I'm blogging? what I really want to blog about?

I'm restless. I can't decide on my blog design and always change it. Is that normal or does it tell me I am dissatisfied with it?

So here's where I'm at...I'll have a break, read some other blogs and make some decisions. TTFN ~x~

18 March 2012

Upcycle heaven...

Don't throw it away, upcycle it!

Having worked in an IT environment for many years, it surprised me when I saw what great things can be made from old circuit boards. There must be so many of these across the world sitting inside computers rusting away on the dump pile, why not put them to use!

The shoe sculpture was created by Gabriel Dishaw, they are made from upcycled computer parts/hardware such as circuit boards, computer chips, ram, data cables, aluminum, copper and rubber. You have to check out his website, he has so great sculptures.

David Cassella made this pretty floral-esque brooch from recycled circuit boards, anodized aluminum, and brass.

These boxer shorts have been dubbed Population Control 2.0, this anatomically correct pair of boxer briefs are manties with a message: They remark on medical studies that link long-term laptop use with male infertility, while wryly suggesting that computers may offer the ultimate birth control…and humanity’s undoing. They have been created by Emiko Oye, as were the delicate drop earrings made from circuit board and embellished with synthetic alpinite set in silver.

These fab bookends would looks great in a geeky kids bedroom or and office environment. They were created by Debby Arem Designs who can be found on Etsy. They create jewellrey and office products from recycled circuit board. Check out their other items...cool!

The 'notebook' is a really cool idea for a school kid, although I would like to think that the circuit board has been covered in a protective covering, those circuit boards have sharp points all over it!!

From Christoph Koch comes this unusual circuit board necklace of recycled circuit boards, sterling silver, magnets.

And last but not least, this funky circuit board covered car. The only thing I can say about this is lets hope it deters thieves...not that I think anyone would want to steal it!! TTFN ~x~

17 March 2012

Polyvore party...

Just wanted to share with you one of my new sets from Polyvore, if you're not familiar with Polyvore this is what they say about themselves:

'Polyvore is the web's largest fashion community site, where users are empowered to discover their style and set trends around the world. With over 15 million monthly unique visitors, Polyvore's global community has created over 44 million sets that are shared across the web. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Polyvore is funded by Benchmark Capital, Matrix Partners, DAG Ventures, Goldman Sachs, and Vivi Nevo (NV Investments).'

I don't visit it as much as as I would like, I don't really have that much time what with Pinterest and Blogging, but today I went and created two new sets.

Emerald and Gold Wedding Guest

Spring Grey and Turquoise Weekender

I couldn't believe it either, I have only 16 sets but I have 400 followers already and I've only been a member for six months...crazy isn't it. Why not check it out yourself?? TTFN ~x~

Day 5 of Diet Coke Free Me...

Yep day 5, I can't believe it myself...5 days of no coke or any other fizzy drinks....whoop whoop!

I have to say that I was tempted this morning, yes I was a breakfast time coke drinker, as I was putting the packs of coke away in the cupboard but I stopped myself and had a glass of water instead.

I have had a wicked headache for a few days and I can't tell if its the start of a cold, I've been snuffly, or the fact that I haven't been having as much caffeine.

I'm really quite proud of myself and when I feel okay with the coke thing and not have cravings I will start on giving something else up...start small and get big! However, I would like to get small, well smaller!

Anyhoo, have a fab weekend. We're just chillin' this weekend. And to all the Irish people, Happy St Patrick's Day!! TTFN ~x~

16 March 2012

Today he is 9...

Wow, that makes me feel old, it only seems like last year I had him.

Let me tell you something about this boy, he is one of the most gentle, kind, considerate boys I know. He has his moments, but lots of children do.  He puts up with a lot from his younger brother and often they fight, but they are always loving each other too.

So I just want to say  I hope you have a fabulous day darling and you love your presents.

Happy birthday my sweet boy, I love you. TTFN~x~

Folksy finds on Friday...

Last year I did a 'Folksy finds on Friday' for both St Patrick's day and Mothers' day, which both fall this weekend.

So I thought lets combine the both this year, this weeks theme....Green Mothers' Day gifts

  1. Emerald green Chalcedony Pendant  ~ £28.00  @  Abyjem handcrafted jewellery
  2. Olive Orla purse~ £16.00 @ Thirtyfive Flowers
  3. I'm a little teapot brooch ~£6.00 @  nelli D
  4. 'Going Green' Framed Glass Art ~ £95.00 @ 2KilnDesign
  5. Emerald & Blue Platter ~ £25.00  @ Melting Point
  6. Green apple stud earrings  ~ £3.00  @ Kezenza 
I think my mum would probably like the the purse from Thirtyfive Flowers as she always buys new purses when we go shopping and I would be more than happy to receive the emerald green Chalcedony Pendant from Abyjem handcrafted jewellery from my boys! TTFN ~x~

13 March 2012

I'm giving it up!

'It' being Coke and fizzy drinks! It's day one and so far I haven't had the urge to pop open a can.

I know Coke is bad for me, I have made this decision because yesterday I went to the Coke box to get a can and realised that I had consumed approximately 9 of the box of 12 we had urchased on Sunday...that's two days!!! I was like, 'Whooaahhh that's bad, really bad!' So I'm off it, on the wagon as they say.

I am what Urban Dictionary call a 'Diet Coke Head',  Someone who cant go one day (or one hour) without drinking a diet coke. 

Reasons for giving up fizzy drinks

They are the most acidic drinks you can purchase, acid oxidizes anything it comes into contact with. It dissolves tooth enamel. (I worry about my teeth)

If you drink fizzy drinks, which also contains high levels of phosphorous, you will leach calcium from your bones. (Loss of teeth, possible osteoporosis?)

The relationship between soft drink consumption and body weight is so strong that researchers calculate that for each additional soda consumed, the risk of obesity increases 1.6 times. (and there I was thinking it was helping my weight loss!)

Diet fizzy drinks are associated with an increased risk of strokes , heart attacks, and heart and blood vessel diseases.

Contains high amounts of caffeine which can lead to the following health effects;
  1. Cardiovascular Problems
  2. Stress
  3. Emotional Disturbances
  4. Blood Sugar Swings
  5. Gastrointestinal Problems
  6. Nutritional Deficiencies
  7. Male Health Problems
  8. Female Health Problems
  9. Adrenal Exhaustion
  10. Aging

Contains Aspartame which had over 90 different health side effects, some of which are depression, irritability and migraines.  

This is only a few of the reasons why I'm giving up Diet Coke and fizzy drinks, but I think the ones listed are a good reasons why anyone should give up...so wish me luck! TTFN ~x~

Information taken from herehere and  here 

Pinterest passion...

Good afternoon, the sun is shining outside and all is well!

St Patrick's day is this Saturday and although my Mum is half Irish we don't really celebrate St Pat's day. On Wednesday at cubs this week we will be playing games related to St Patrick's day and tasting Irish food, but that's all the celebrating I'll be doing.

History.com say the following about St Patrick;

St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is one of Christianity's most widely known figures. But for all his celebrity, his life remains somewhat of a mystery. Many of the stories traditionally associated with St. Patrick, including the famous account of his banishing all the snakes from Ireland, are false, the products of hundreds of years of exaggerated storytelling. 

I started my board on Pinterest in honour of St Patrick's day and all things Irish a year ago....Top of the morning to ya

I love these magnets, such a lovely gift to give someone on St Patrick's day...you could use this idea for so many other celebrations too! TTFN ~x~

8 March 2012

Pinterest passion...

Last year I was really into my Pinterest boards, really into building new boards on what seemed like a daily basis. I was browsing various blogs and came across a blog called Just little things and I was pretty much blown away with the simplicity of the blog theme and how many and I mean many of the posts hit home for me.

In the words of Nancy, the blogger:

This is a blog listing little things we should appreciate. These are life's simple pleasures that are commonly overlooked. And possibly daily sources of happiness that are right under your nose.

I thought this was a great idea and decided to set up a Pinterest board solely for this blog's posts...Appreciate the little things

I have to say I've been a bit naughty and not pinned much to this board for some time, but that's okay because there is a superb archive available for me to find the most appealing 'little things' to me.

Here's some of my favourites:

Seriously, this is a great blog and could potentially be a "daily sources of happiness that are right under your nose."  Go check it out TTFN ~x~ 

4 March 2012

Upcycle heaven...

Don't throw it away, upcycle it!

I love how lighting can change the mood of a room, in my house we use a lot of side lamps, candles and down lighters to create a different mood in each room. So it got me thinking, there are so many everyday items that could be upcycled into fabulous light fixtures and fittings...here's what I found.

I love the coffee pot, it was created by French designer Gilles Eichenbaum, his website Garbage is great and he uses 'garbage' to create beautiful items.

The chandelier was made from unwanted books by British designer Lucy Norman, she has a website called Lula Dot which sells lighting, jewellery and furniture made from waste items. If you like it it will set you back a whopping £340.00!!!

Now who'd have thought the common garden PVC pipe could make a beautiful lamp, but the designers at Materious obviously thought so and have come up with these gorgeous lamps.

The chandelier made from paper clips is fantastic and I found this on Upcycle Us, a great blog for all upcycling projects and it even has a link to a tutorial.

What do you think about upcycling? TTFN~x~

3 March 2012

Sorry I missed it...

Yep this blimming bug got me big time, so I missed Folksy finds on Friday...still I'm back to my semi healthy state, so watch this space! TTFN~x~

1 March 2012

Down with a bug...

Urrghhh, yep I caught my little one's bug and I thought he was still getting over his.

Yesterday, both of us were vomitting, there is only so much you can do without your sides hurting. We slept most of the day.

Both lounge rugs have been in the washer this week, along with duvets and bed linen.

Still, we'll get over it...we always do! TTFN ~x~
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